Oct 25, 26 / 2019
Germany, 63667 Nidda, Ranstädter Strasse 20. (Airport FFM, Frankfurt am Main)
«I pray they will be one» (John 17:21)
The first ministers' forum of the evangelical churches of Europe and England
Dear pastors, missionaries, brothers and sisters from the United Europe and England. For a long time we have been waiting for this historical and unique moment in a history of Evangelical Church.
20 century with its revivals, persecution, freedom of preaching and opening of thousands of churches in independent countries in the post-Soviet space, has become a thing of the past.

Last decades have changed the course of the Christian era. The Church has faced serious challenges of the 21st century. And at the same time, among immorality and apostasy the generation that seeks God has grew up. And these young people become active participants in the last great harvest in the Gospel field.
In recent years, many people from the Baltic States , Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Russia and others countries have moved to Europe and England.
New churches have been established in many countries. Many times the Holy Spirit announced about the great awakening with the participation of our missionaries.
Organizing meeting and consultations, visiting churches in Europe and England, we have realized the value of collaboration between our churches, brothers and sisters and everyone who understands our language and culture.
The tendency to relocation to Europe is increasing rapidly and we want to be involved in spreading the Kingdom of the Lord on the European continent.
We believe that this meeting will be a great blessing for pastors, leaders, missionaries and all friends in Jesus Christ .

The Forum for Ministers of Evangelical Churches of Europe and England will be held on October 25-26 / 2019 in Germany, 63667 Nidda, Ranstädter Strasse 20. (Airport FFM, Frankfurt am Main) Please note the date of this meeting. We urge you to register, because we have to arrange accommodation and meals for all participants.
Blessed ministers
We are awaiting of blessed ministers, missioners, and evangelicals from Europe and England
2 days
Two days for the only purpose - spreading the Kingdom of God on the European continent
More than 20 speakers are going to participate: bishops, pastors, evangelicals
More than 20 speakers and delegates from Europe countries and England are participating
Johannes Justus
Slavik Radchuk
Yurii Veremii
Vasyl Vituk
Oleksandr Kotok
Rauli Lehtonen
Mykhailo Panochko
Valdemar Sardachuk
Pavlo Shturts
Vasyl Derun
Yevhenii Yakushev
Yaroslav Demko
Mykhailo Blyzniuk
Eduard Schmidt
Eduard Hrabovenko
Volodymyr Pryt
Serhii Linnyk
Oleksandr Demianenko
Mykola Syniuk
Yurii Bruner
Vladyslav Hrechman
Rostyslav Boryshkevych
Viktor Vozniuk
Vitaliy Jizdan
Ivan Ivantsiuk
Borys Safaniuk
Leonid Demchuk
(The Czech Republic)

Vasyl Myhas
Dumitru Onchul
Dmytro Sorokin
Leonyd Kozorez
Forum Schedule
Oct 25 / 2019
Oct 26 / 2019
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Registration by October 15th.
Registration fee is 30€* (catering, organizational expenses). Payment by cash on October 25 from 12:00 to 14:00.

*for those staying on the Nehemiah mission +10 €, for those staying at the hotel - according to their rates.
Where is It?
Oct 25, 26 / 2019
63667 Nidda, Ranstädter
Strasse 20. (Airport FFM, Frankfurt am Main)
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