«I pray they will be one» (John 17:21)
Summary of the first forum
of the evangelical churches of Europe and England
On October 25th-26th,2019 in Nidda city,Germany, the Neemiyah Mission hosted the first Forum of Evangelical Ministers of Europe and England.

130 delegates and guests represented 19 countries, including the UAE and Kenya.

Yurii Veremii, the Bishop of Ukraine, began the event with the words of greetings and information on the goals and perspectives of the assembly of ministers.

The president of the Neemiyah mission Eduard Schmidt blessed the event with a fervent prayer.

The President of the Union of Evangelical churches of Germany, Bishop Johannes Justus, completed his fervent address to the delegates with the same fervent prayer.

The seminar " The Power of the church in the Unity of the Spirit and the Union of Peace" by Bishop of St. Petersburg,Russia, Serhii Linnyk , left no one indifferent.

Pastor Simon Boshman completed the first day of the Forum with the words from the book of Neemiyah about the importance of being able to say what people are willing to hear and do what is necessary.

On the evening of the same day, there was a meeting of the organizers of the Forum and the Heads of Delegations, attended by 35 brothers.

The meeting was started by Bishop Yurii Veremii noting that the number of Slavic people in Europe is constantly increasing due to constant migration processes.

This, in turn, opens up new opportunities for the preaching of the gospel and also strengthens our responsibility for serving our brothers and sisters who have moved to Europe and England.

The bishop emphasized that many churches have been opened in different countries today and only by uniting we will be able to be as fruitful and effective in working in the field of the Lord.

The workshop participants shared different ideas and views on how and in what form we could continue the cooperation of the Evangelical churches, not only in Europe and England but also in the countries of the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and African continent.

Despite the diversity of opinions and views, the atmosphere of the meeting was friendly, everyone, with one mind, expressed the need for such forums. Senior pastor of the church in Frankfurt am Main, brother Yurii, said, "Why is it so late, we've been waiting for something like this for a long time...".

Summing up the meeting, Bishop Slavik Radchuk, who moderated the meeting, made two propositions.

The first one was to select the Bishop Yurii Veremii to be responsible for coordinating meetings and working council with the goal of developing a roadmap for further corporation.

The second one was to set up a working group with the delegates from different countries who could work on specific issues raised at the meetings and to formulate a strategy and a plan for the future.Both propositions were excepted unanimously.

The next day was started with the words of the senior Bishop of the Russian church, Eduard Hrabovenko. The speaker combined the personal testimony with a call to missionary work.

Senior Bishop of the Ukrainian church Mykhailo Panochko gave a seminar on the topic "Brotherhood in the light of the Word of God". Another seminar "Challenges of the present for Europe and England believers and answers to them!" was prepared by Olexander Demianenko, a pastor from Poland.

In his closing remarks, the international evangelist Slavik Radchuk addressed the audience with the words: " Jonah, the apostate Nineveh is before you and it's expecting words of salvation. Europe needs a new wave of awakening. The Lord has opened the door to you for the gospel."

Short testimonies of the God's mercy in missionary works were shared by Vasyl Derun (Sweden), Yaroslav Dennis (Spain), Borys Safaniuk (UAE), Vladyslav Hrechman, Yurii Bruner (Germany), Ivan Ivantsiuk (USA), Vitaliy Jizdan (Italy), Yevhenii Yakushev (England), Mykola Syniuk (Ukraine), Kostyantyn Kucheryan (Belgium) and others.

The worship of the Lord was led by Czech Pastor Leonid Demchuk and his wife Lina.

At the end of the First Ministers' Forum, Brother Slavik Radchuk shared that on the evening meeting of October 25th, the Episcopal Presidium of Ukraine and senior ministers from Europe, England and the Middle East ,made a decision to entrust Bishop Yurii Veremii to lead the future Leader board from these countries in order to coordinate the opening of new churches there, preaching the gospel, teaching, developing youth ministry, opportunities to preach to the local community and more. All delegates voted with one mind for brother Yurii.

The delegates of the Forum also confirmed the proposition to select 15 senior leaders from the countries for further cooperation and coordination of work. Senior Bishop Mykhailo Panochko together with other ministers prayed for blessing brother Yuriy's difficult ministry.

Bishop Yurii Veremii, who is responsible for coordinating the Brother board and ministry in Europe and England, concluded the two day Forum with the presentation of the strategic vision prepared the day before at a working meeting.

Summarizing the work of the Forum, one can say that this truly historic event has started another page of gospel work. There are endless fields ahead! The harvest is coming!

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